There are many different schools of thought out there when it comes to nutrition. There is also a ton of contradictory information that is often supplied by very reputable sources: Eat meat vs. meat kills you; gluten is the devil vs. gluten is totally fine; organic vs. conventionally raised foods; GMO's are the downfall of mankind vs. GMO's are saving the world; and the list goes on and on! 

My goal as a nutrition coach is not only to help you make sense of all of this information, but also to learn about what your unique body needs. We are all different and what works for one person may not work for another. I strongly believe in listening to the people I work with and helping them find what works best for them. I do have a few solid guidelines that I have come to believe in. When you work with me, we will start by talking about: Whole Foods, Portion Sizes, Food Quality and Fermented Foods, then we will branch out based on your questions and unique needs. 

There are a few different ways that I work with people:

  • One - I love working with people individually! Check out the section below on Individual Coaching to see if this meets your needs.
  • Two - Over the years of helping people I have identified a few common questions. I have created a monthly membership program that is tailored to answering these questions and helping people achieve a baseline of good health. Check out Monthly Membership below to learn more! 
  • Three - While good nutrition is a foundation to feeling better and achieving your desired physical goals, most people find that they experience the best results while also working out! This is why I have partnered with gyms. If you are not yet a part of a gym, but would like to jump into eating better while also working out with some great coaches, check out Gym Partnerships.