Individual Coaching

Everyone is at a different point in their personal journey. In order to accommodate this, Mary has created 4 program options for you to choose from. Please review the descriptions of the programs below and let Mary know which one feels like the best fit for where you are today!

If you are ready to work with Mary, please click fill out the Introductory Questionnaire so that Mary can get a base line understanding of where you are at and what you are looking to accomplish. 

After you fill the form out, Mary will contact you directly for scheduling.


*If you are working with Cultivating Sunshine through a Gym Partnership you will be able to work with Mary at a discounted rate. Please message us through the member site for more details.

Pay as We Grow

If you just want to try a coaching session and then revisit once in a while, this is for you! This is great for the individual who is mostly comfortable with their current eating plan and only feels the need for some fine tuning or has a problem area they would like an educated opinion on. 


    Intro Session/$150
    Follow-up Sessions/$100

One Month Power Start

Do you have a big goal that you are not looking forward to tackling on your own? Think - kicking off a weight loss program, spring cleanse, doing an elimination diet, breaking the habit of eating a food you are allergic to, etc. If you are ready to tackle something that makes you groan and say "I don't know if I can do this....." - this is the program for you!

- Introductory session with Mary to establish goals and challenges.
- Weekly nutrition coaching sessions with Mary to ensure you are supporting your bodies nutritional needs. 
- Email, text, phone support when you hit a weak moment and start reaching for the office doughnuts. 
- Feedback on your food journals to help you learn what your unique body responds to. 


$450 per month
($100 value)

3 Month Foundation Builder

This option is fitting if there isn't a burning emergency, but you would like to develop better habits around food. Or perhaps you have a chronic issue that is bothering you and you're finally ready to tackle finding a solution. If you are ready to learn how to support your lungs, cardiovascular system, muscles, bones, hormone system, this is a great option for you. 

Often times, it takes time for our the systems in our bodies to re-balance and heal. It is important to make a few changes and give the bodies a few weeks to adjust before checking back in. Through slow, steady and dedicated attention solutions can often be found.

- Introductory session with Mary to establish goals and challenges.
- Meeting with Mary every other week to ensure that you are on target and answer any questions.
- Email, text, phone support when things come up in between meeting.
- Discussion about food journal entries to help you learn what works and doesn't work for your body. 


3 Months of Coaching
($225 value)