Don't Want to Watch the Video?

8 Week Kick-off

We are kicking your membership off with an 8 week program that is designed to help you reach a baseline of good health. The first 4 weeks will be centered on core principles that I have found most people can benefit from. Weeks 5-8 are geared towards taking your performance to the next level.

There will be a consistent structure to the information provided over the next 8 weeks.

  1. There will be a 10-15 minute video that you can watch.
    • There will be three Sub Points on each weeks topic
    • I will provide Tools to Help you Succeed
    • And then there will be Action Items that help you implement the information
  2. You will have access to a written copy of the video scripts so you can easily reference the material.
  3. There will be resource links on the website so you can easily learn more about what was discussed.

I have chosen this approach to provide you with varying levels of detail. If you just want to listen to the high level, you can watch the videos. If you want to be able to read about what is being discussed, you can read the document. And if you are like me, and want to see the source information, you can check the links out.

Eight Topics

The eight topics in this program are designed to build on each other and it is useful to watch the videos in the order that they are released.

  1. Observe & Log

  2. What is a Good Diet?

  3. Digestive Health

  4. Sustainable Eating Plans

  5. Your Unique Body

  6. Supplementation

  7. Eating & Supplementing for Performance

  8. Workout Recovery


Education Overview

Observe & Log

In this section we will talk about the importance and power of observing what you are exposing your body to and how to track this information to help guide you on your health journey.

We will also be introduced to the two food calendars that are available on the Cultivating Sunshine website.

What is a Good Diet?

In this section we will talk about what a good diet is and the importance of paying careful attention to what we are putting in our bodies. We will talk about the “do’s” and “dont’s” of what a good diet is.

Digestive Health

This is perhaps the most important section of the course and my personal passion. Every single aspect of your health is greatly impacted by your digestive health. We will discuss what a healthy digestive tract entails and how to achieve such an enigma.

Sustainable Eating Plans

Let’s face it, we are all human and most of us want to enjoy our lives! We also want to be healthy and feel great. In this section we will discuss how we can set ourselves up for long term success with our eating plans. It is important to understand that we are talking about a lifestyle here, not diets. We each need to create a customized way of eating that is sustainable for our body types and desired lifestyle.  

Your Unique Body

We are all different. There is no one size fits all. That is why one diet works for your friend while it completely fails you. My goal as a Nutrition and Wellness Coach is to help teach you how to identify what works for you.


In this section we will discuss why it is important to supplement with key nutrients in today’s world. We will also cover which nutrients are most essential and talk about the quality of the supplements that we choose.

Eating & Supplementing for Performance

Now that we have built the foundation of health, we will discuss the ins and outs of eating for performance. Whether you want to run a 5k, deadlift twice your bodyweight or simply feel strong and confident in your everyday life, this section will teach you what you need to know about fueling your body for performance.

 Workout Recovery

Recovery is just as important as the exercises that you do. Working your bodily systems is a stressor and therefore requires that we rejuvenate the system. Everything that we do to build ourselves up creates inflammation in the body. In this section we will discuss how to repair tissues and reduce inflammation so that we can come back stronger and more confident!


For $40/month you have access to the 8 Week Kick-Off (valued at $400), awesome meal plans that take the hassle out of trying to figure out what to cook each week, ongoing nutrition education that will help you make sense of all the health information out there and e-mail access to Mary (me!) where you can get personalized answers to your most pressing questions!