Mary & Cultivating Sunshine

Hello! Welcome to Cultivating Sunshine where we cultivate happiness through nutrition. I have always believed in the deep healing power and wisdom of the human body. I believe that everyone has the ability to tap into their own healer within and it is my joyful mission to help teach others how to do so. 

The name Cultivating Sunshine was inspired by how the sun makes me feel. For me, sunshine invokes feelings of happiness, inspiration and most importantly hope. This is one of the main reasons that I live in the sunny state of Colorado! When we feel hopeful, we feel like anything is possible. This feeling is the spark that let's us know that not only can we believe in our dreams, we can actually make them come true. Pure magic! This is what I wish to cultivate in others, the knowledge that we can be and do anything that we set our minds to. 

What mountain do you want to climb? What dream job do you want to land? Who do you want to meet and fall in love with? Is there a book that you want to write? Are there places in the world that you dream of visiting? What desires beat their wings in your heart? I believe that proper nutrition gives us a leg up when it comes to achieving our desired lives. If all of the structures and systems in our bodies are deeply nourished and functioning properly, there is no telling what we can accomplish!

Are you ready to be the best you can be?